Downtown is a symbol of:

  • Community Economic Health 
  • Partnership between the private sector and public sector 
  • Local quality of life 
  • Community Pride 
  • Community History 

Downtown infrastructure is a major public investment. Only healthy businesses in buildings assessed at full value generate taxes that give taxpayers a good return on this public investment.

Downtown represents independent businesses which:

  • Support local families

  • Support local community projects such as teams and schools
  • Keep profits in town (Chain stores and internet purchases send profits out of town.)

Downtown helps reduce sprawl by concentrating activity in one area.

Downtown is...

  • A major employer. Maybe its the largest employer in town.
  • An important community space where Members of all segments of the community can meet equally for parades and other community events.
  • Where the community’s arts and culture thrives.
  • A tourist attraction and is the location of a community’s unique businesses and
  • The heart of the community and the site of local government and the arts.
  • An important factor for industrial and commercial developers and professional recruitment.

Downtown revitalization protects property values in surrounding residential neighborhoods.