A Vision Brought to Fruition


At long last the 104 room Marriott Courtyard DeLand Historic Downtown has finally opened its doors!  Following two years of delays due to hurricanes and construction in other areas, this is the fulfillment of another dream for MainStreet DeLand Association.  Visionaries like Geof Felton and Ray Johnson and many others have worked to bring this DeLand.

When I came to town 5 ½ years ago I was met by the MainStreet DeLand Economic Restructuring Committee with their Hotel White Paper.  With some final edits and the help of Stetson University to put the White Paper together, we mailed the White Paper to prospective developers.  Several of those whose received the White Paper came to DeLand to check us out.  Others found the White Paper on our website.

While some didn’t think it would happen, MainStreet’s leadership had a vision and expected it to come about.  The City of DeLand, the DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce, and others caught the vision and helped bring it fruition.  On any given day, approximately 100 more people will find themselves in Downtown DeLand.  How cool is that?

Please continue to support your downtown shops and restaurants during the holidays. We’ve got a few things planned for you.  Fridays Before Christmas and Mistletoe March are just a couple of things you can find on our calendar at www.MainStreetDeLand.org.  Be sure to check our calendar often.  Sign up for our weekly email blast while you’re there.

Shopping locally in our downtown stores supports our local community much more than when you shop at the big box or online store.  Learn more at: www.the350project.net/home.html.

You may still find yourself shopping online at Amazon this Holiday Season. Did you know that you can choose MainStreet DeLand as your charity!  Just go to smile.amazon.com and login. Search for “Main Street-Deland Association Inc” as your charity. $.005 of every dollar you spend will come to MainStreet DeLand.  It may seem like a small amount, but if everyone does it, it’ll grow.

Wishing you and yours a blessed Holiday season.

See you Downtown,

Wayne Carter, Executive Director
MainStreet DeLand Association.

Wayne Carter