America’s Main Street is YOUR Main Street!

They say you can judge a city by its downtown.  A lot of things go into making a great community.  Certainly having strong partnerships between local government, businesses, etc. is an important part of it.  But, a healthy and active downtown takes people, like you, in the community who are involved in all sorts of activities to help bring prosperity and excellence to the place you call home.  

People who take pride in their community buy from their local shops and eat at their local restaurants.  They invite their friends to downtown events, our theatre, or to one of our museums.  They notice things like the murals and sculptures and notice the art that is showing up on the power boxes throughout the downtown area. They boast about the DeLand Rocks and the Wings.

People who love their community invest their time, talents, and fortune in organizations like MainStreet DeLand or a wide variety of non-profits and service organizations because they not only want to give back to the community, but they want to have a stake in it.  After all, it is home.

Having an award winning downtown helps create an environment for success throughout the city and the region.  New businesses are investing in DeLand, whether they are in downtown, the Industrial Parks, or other places nearby.  Having a healthy and active downtown is one of the reasons they do.  These businesses bring jobs to the area.

At MainStreet DeLand, we work at our mission to support and enhance the continuing economic development of downtown DeLand while protecting and promoting its historic heritage.  If you would like to know more about how you can be involved in helping us in our mission, call our office at 386-738-0649 or email:  Visit for a list of our events and other information.

See you downtown.

Wayne Carter
Executive Director
MainStreet DeLand Association

Wayne Carter